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About the AFC

Association of French Directors of Photography

The membership of the AFC comprises most of France’s most recognized cinematographers. They distinguish themselves at the forefront of both art and technology through their work on both French and international productions.
Their work has been recognized with awards at many international film festivals.
Our active members are inducted upon recommendation by their peers. Manufacturers and service providers provide us active support as [associate members>rubrique10].
They also support us at events such as trade shows, demonstrations of new equipment, or screenings.

We also benefit from an important grant from the CNC for both our daily operations and specific projects, such as
- our website www.afcinema.com
- Cinédico, a multi-lingual lexicon on the theme of cinematographic and audiovisual techniques
- the Micro Salon that we organize each year
- Les Cahiers Lumières
- Cameflex AFC Festival

This cooperation between users, suppliers, and institutions allows us to make our voice heard, fight for the continued existence of quality cinematography, test out new techniques, and, in the tradition of the French artistic and cultural debate, affirm our talents as directors’ partners in artistic creation.

As a member and co-founder of Imago, the European Federation of Cinematographers, the AFC intends to fight for the respect of cultural identities and the preservation of the very mechanisms that have allowed these identities to survive and helped our industry to thrive.

- AFC - 8, rue Francœur - 75018 Paris
- Tel.: + 33 1 42 64 41 41
- Fax: + 33 1 42 64 42 52
- E-mail: afc at afcinema.com

Board Members for 2017-2018
- Richard Andry, président,
- Laurent Chalet et Vincent Mathias, Co-Presidents.
- Caroline Champetier et Rémy Chevrin, Vice-Presidents.
- Nathalie Durand, Secretary.
- Michel Abramowicz, Treasurer.
- Vincent Jeannot, Secretary.
- Olivier Chambon,Vice-Treasurer.

Administration and contact
- Marie Garric

Editor of the AFC’s Newsletter (La Lettre de l’AFC)
- Isabelle Scala

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