• Tuesday 12 December 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

    Claire Mathon, the quest for the unknown

    By Ariane Damain Vergallo for CW ­Sonderoptic - Leica

    Claire Mathon’s graduation dissertation at the Louis-Lumière Film School focused on a theme that would, over the years, become both her obsession as a cinematographer and her trademark, her specialty: natural light.

  • Tuesday 12 December 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

    Christophe Beaucarne, beyond the extreme

    By Ariane Damain Vergallo for CW Sonderoptic - Leica

    When director Jaco Van Dormael gives 18-year-old Christophe Beaucarne the oral exam prior to his graduating from the INSAS (the famous Belgian film school), neither can imagine that twenty years later, they will be brothers-in-cinema, partners-in-crime on such films as Mr Nobody (2009) and The Brand New Testament (2015).

  • Monday 11 December 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Camerimage 2017

    Camerimage, a great fraternity

    By Richard Andry, AFC

    At Poznan airport, I met Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC, who, like me, was left without luggage. The tricky Lufthansa must know that in less than 40 minutes of transit in Munich it cannot forward baggage from one plane to another because as a passenger, we have to walk kilometers of corridors, running like lunatics, hoping to "catch" the connecting flight. But at first, she pretends that there is no problem.

  • Saturday 2 December 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Specialized shooting

    December latest news from ACS France

    ACS France now proposes new aerial footage of Intramural Paris (7 & 8th district), shot in helicopter with Alexa XT & Angénieux 24-290 package, between 11am and 1pm. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • Wednesday 22 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Camerimage 2017

    Camerimage 2017 Awards

    During the closing ceremony of the 25th annual Camerimage Festival, held on Saturday 18 November 2017 in the Grand Theatre of the Opera Nova of Bydgoszcz (Poland), the jury, presided by filmmaker Michael Apted, revealed the names of the winners. The Golden Frog went to Ildikó Enyedi’s film On Body and Soul, cinematography by Máté Herbai, HSC, the Silver Frog, to Loveless, by Andrei Zyvagintsev, cinematography by Mikhail Krichman, RGC, and the Bronze Frog to First They Killed My Father, by Angelina Jolie, cinematography by Anthony Dod Mantle, DFF, BSC, ASC.

  • Sunday 19 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Camerimage 2017

    At Camerimage also, Art is universal

    By Paula Martinez de Anguita

    The Bydgoszcz Film Festival, called Camerimage, is known for the many great filmakers that gather every year. This event is also visited by other people. These are aspiring artists from all around the world.

  • Saturday 18 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Les entretiens à Camerimage

    Into the White

    Video interview with cinematographer Maria von Hausswolff about her work on Hlynur Palmason’s film "Vinterbrodre"

    Every year, the Cinematographers’ Debuts selection holds a few good surprises in store. Last year, it was Juliette Van Doermael; this year, young Copenhagen DoP Maria von Hausswolff tore open the screen with (Vinterbrodre), a strange and pale film that portrays a group of lovelorn workers in a Danish limestone mine. The impressionistic screenplay was well-served by the graininess of the Super16 and an extremely impressive sound design. Director Hlynur Palmason and his cinematographer met during their studies and both work in the field of contemporary art (sculpture and installations).

  • Saturday 18 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Les entretiens à Camerimage

    Love, Autism, and a Hunk of Meat

    Interview with cinematographer Máté Herbai, HSC, about his work on Ildiko Enyedi’s film, "On Body and Soul", by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

    On Body and Soul, a Hungarian film directed by Ildiko Enyedi, is also the third this year in the official selection to be set in an abattoir. Máté Herbai, HSC, shares his approach to working on this congenial and unusual love story between two wounded souls.

  • Friday 17 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Les entretiens à Camerimage

    The Far Side of the Moon

    Interview with cinematographer Jonathan Ricquebourg about his work on Maud Alpi’s film, "Still Life", by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

    Jonathan Ricquebourg is the only French cinematographer officially competing in the feature-length fiction section of Camerimage 2017. Still Life, a first feature which was released a year ago in France, takes place in an abattoir. Animals and humans live side-by-side in a strange fable with infrequent dialogue. An original choice for this international selection that sometimes pits outsiders against internationally-recognized stars in the profession. (FR)

  • Friday 17 November 2017 - Updated : 12/12 - Les entretiens à Camerimage

    Everything is miniature in our future life

    An interview filmed with Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC, about his work on “Downsizing”, a film by Alexander Payne, conducted by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

    American director Alexander Payne chose a futuristic science-fiction universe for his latest film in which humans are able to shrink themselves to conserve the planet’s resources. Downsizing narrates the experience of an average American (Matt Damon) who gets caught up despite himself in this social and physiological process that completely changes his life. Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC, shares with us the secrets behind the “making of” of this bittersweet and highly-awaited comedy.


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