AFC-related activities

The Theatre of Operations

Besides being a direct journey through a war-torn landscape, 1917 is also a literal dive into the heart of time, and Sam Mendes uses a vast palette of directorial techniques to recreate it. The set, which in the opening sequence literally sets the viewer in the middle of a trench in the Somme, the extremely profound sound, with extreme dynamic effects, and the image with its single shot that transforms this simple tale of a suicide mission into a sort of theatrical play where the style gradually transcends the authentic. An exceptional project requires an exceptional director of photography, namely Roger Deakins, BSC, ASC, who has graciously agreed to discuss the behind-the-scenes of this unique film with us. (FR)

Paris Images Trade Show (PITS) n° 7

The 7th Annual Paris Images Trade Show (PITS) is comprised of six main events with complementary themes intended to promote the entire French audiovisual and cinematographic industry. PITS will be an opportunity to develop a reflection around France’s place in international cinema from the economic, technical and artistic standpoints.

The second AFC Post-Production Days

The second AFC Post-Production Days will take place at the Forum des Images in Paris on:

  • Tuesday, 21 January.
  • Wednesday, 22 January 2020.

Technical stuff

Damien-Vicart’s last shootings

Find below the picture and videos from the filming of “Les Rivières Pourpres”, the last series broadcast every Monday evening on France 2 and on Netflix.

The new products of Softlights

The Softlights company has chosen to present light sources of high chromatic quality, with easy integration into the decorations, intended to facilitate the work between image and decoration teams.

On Screen

Report on Camerimage 2019

I was a member of the jury for the Directors’ Debuts Competition, which features first and second films, at Camerimage this year, alongside Rob Epstein (Jury President), director, screenwriter, and producer, and Jan Roelfs, production designer, who received the Camerimage Award for Production Designer With Unique Visual Sensitivity this year.

Professional life

Death of cinematographer Renan Pollès, protean artist

Renan Pollès, cinematographer and director, but also writer, contemporary artist, and passionate archaeologist, passed away at the age of 76 on 23 October 2019. He will be remembered for the refinement of his cinematography on films by Michel Andrieu and Pascal Thomas, which are like reference points that emerge out of a filmography that often preferred to take the road less traveled, far from mainstream cinema, out of loyalty to filmmakers with fanciful and imaginative worlds such as Jean-Michel Barjol, Jean Rollin, Robert Lapoujade, Yvan Lagrange, Jacques Robiolles, and others.

Support for Adèle Haenel

We, Femmes à la caméra (Women with a Movie Camera), give our strong support to Adèle Haenel.

Jean Monsigny has left us

Cinematographer Jean Monsigny passed away on Wednesday 18 September 2019, at the age of eighty-three. A member of the AFC and an artist in the broadest sense of the term, he filmed about seventy fictions and documentaries for cinema and television during his forty-five-year-long career.


Impressions of the "FNF/Imago Oslo Digtal Cinema Conference 2019"

Organized by the Norwegian cinematographers of the FNF and the European Federation “Imago” in partnership with the Norwegian Film Institute and Nordisk Film & TV Fond, the 7th Oslo Digital Cinema Conference was held from 18-20 October 2019.

Publication of "Angénieux and Cinéma : From Light to Image"

Already in bookstores in France, United Kingdom , Benelux, very soon in the United States and shortly worldwide: Angénieux and Cinema: from Light to Image, the book that relates the epic adventure of Angénieux, jewel of the French industry and must-have brand of cinema worldwide for more than 80 years.

"Angenieux and Cinema, from Light to Image"

For quite some time, Angénieux has been thinking of doing a book to trace the incredible rise of the Angénieux brand, since the creation of the company in 1935. The dream has actually come true and the 270-page book with a French and an English edition will be previewed at NAB2019 before its international release in bookstores.

A random picture

Diner de gala à l’issue de la cérémonie de clôture du Festival
De g. à d. au 1er rang : Vanessa Paradis, chanteuse et actrice - Christophe Lambert, acteur - Sophie Marceau, actrice - Pierre Andurand ; debout : Dominique Besnéhard, producteur et parrain du Festival - Suzel Pietri, déléguée générale du Festival - Mme Pierre Andurand – DR

A random video

Quotation of the month

Le noir est antérieur à la lumière. Avant la lumière, le monde et les choses étaient dans la plus totale obscurité. Avec la lumière sont nées les couleurs. Le noir leur est antérieur.
Pierre Soulages
another quote

Cannes International Film Festival

    Pierre Lescure, élu président du Festival de Cannes

    Lors de sa séance du 14 janvier 2014, le Conseil d’administration du Festival de Cannes a procédé à l’élection de son futur président.

 Monsieur Gilles Jacob a confirmé qu’il quitterait la présidence à compter du 1er juillet 2014, à la suite du 67e Festival de Cannes.