The latest news from Panasonic in October

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In the news from Panasonic in October, EVA1 IR Footage Palette, Panasonic’s Cinema Camera Line Up Joins Netflix Programme and control the EVA1 with a wired connection.

EVA1 IR Footage Palette
Palette is a challenging work of “IR Cinematography” about how we can take an advantage of IR shooting and apply it to storytelling.

Its menu allows the IR Cut filter to be turned on/off at the push of a button. Making the AU-EVA1 the only camera with this feature. Yuji Nukui, cinematographer, states that shooting in IR does not automatically create a cinematic mood or look. His goal while using IR was to convey emotions and tell a visual story via the images. This was an incredibly challenging task, which at the same time makes this “creating work that is worthwhile”.

Panasonic’s Cinema Camera Line Up Joins Netflix Programme
Panasonic’s full range of 4K cinematography cameras has been designated as Post Technology Alliance by Netflix, the world’s leading Internet entertainment service.

Panasonic EVA-1

Panasonic VariCam

The Post Technology Alliance logo assures artists and facility operators that a product meets the Netflix delivery specifications today, and will continue to serve the evolving needs of the production and post-production communities in the future.
Post Technology Alliance logos have been given to Panasonic’s VariCam 35, VariCam LT, VariCam Pure and EVA1. The cameras have been used on numerous Netflix originals series including "Ozark", "13 Reasons Why", "Orange is the New Black", "Better Call Saul" and "Arrested Development".
The cameras meet Netflix’s 4K UHD specifications and high dynamic range to deliver the best possible images. The range offers a 35mm sensor for cinematic depth of field, while the EVA1 provides 5.7K resolution.

Control the EVA1 with a wired connection with the USB3-LAN adapter. UGREEN FBA 20256.
Firmware available in a few weeks.
Works with Cyanview’s EVA1 ROP app or RCP.