Welcome to Angénieux

by Remy Chevrin

par Rémy Chevrin

[English] [français]

It is with great pleasure that the AFC welcomes Angénieux as a new associate member. With a strong tradition that cinematographers have long valued, this French company, owned in recent years by the Thales group, has developed products that have been respected by directors of the photography for more than a century of cinema.

Located on the outskirts of the city of Saint-Etienne, Angénieux continues to provide the best 35 mm zooms, while still offering 16 mm zooms.
However their greatest achievement in recent years remains the Optimo 24-290 mm 35 mm zoom (and also the 17-80 mm) whose exceptional aperture allows for shooting at night.

Angénieux has been led for the past few years by Mr. Parrain, and it has become imperative that this company which represents one of the jewels of French optical technology begin to enrich discussions and meetings within the AFC.
Angénieux, a close partner of camera manufacturers like Panavision, Aaton or Arriflex therefore joins our association and in the coming weeks we will be happy to arrange a trip for those who wish, into the heart of the manufacture of these lenses.

Welcome, Angénieux, Remy Chevrin