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AFC Image Charter in Latvian language

Image Charter

For our Latvian friends, please read the Latvian version of AFC Image Charter.

1. Termina „kinooperators” definīcija.
2. Projekta izpēte kopā ar režisoru un producentu.
3. Darba plūsmas saskaņošana.
4. Filmas attēla veidotāju komandas izveide.
5. Testi un ražošana.
6. Montāža un pēcapstrāde.

AFC Micro Salon 2009


For its ninth year, the Micro Salon hosted by the AFC will be once again held at the Femis School in the 18th district of Paris.
First novelty: unlike previous years, the Salon will take place over two days, on Friday February 6th, from 10AM to 8PM and on Saturday February 7th, from 10AM to 5PM.
Another innovation: the AFC will organize two panel discussions on Saturday morning in the Jean Renoir screening room of the Femis.
To highlight the artistic as well as the technical aspects of custom-made shooting tools, there will be a panel presentation with film excerpts by members of the crew of Oceans, the upcoming huge film project directed by Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin.
Also, this year the AFC has decided to open the Micro Salon to Europe, and to present European directors of photography by inviting our sister Belgian association, the SBC, to whom we give carte blanche.

AFC Micro Salon 2009: exhibitors and screening schedule


To make your visit easier during the two days of the Micro Salon, click below to get a listing of all the companies – all associate members of the AFC – who are exhibitors this year, as well as a schedule of the screenings.
Note that, as usual, the basement level of the Fémis will be reserved for companies presenting grip and lighting equipment, the ground floor for those with camera equipment and 2nd floor for film manufacturers, post-production companies and, of course, the screenings.
Also remember that one of the novelties of the Micro Salon this year, will be two panel discussions with AFC guests on Saturday morning.

Imago "Inspiration!" Seminar
by Eric Guichard, AFC

European federation of cinematographers

"Inspiration!", the seminar organized by Imago, the European Federation of directors of photography, was held in Copenhagen (Denmark) from October 31 to November 2, 2008.
First, let me express my warmest thanks to the Imago team, its chairman Nigel Walters, BSC, Jan Weincke, president of the DDF, Andreas Fischer-Hansen, DDF, Paul Rene Roestad, FNF and Tina Sorensen, head to the National Film School of Denmark, who welcomed all the participants. The team organized this seminar in a seamless and, above all, friendly fashion, with a theme, entitled "Inspiration", which was far from easy to develop.

Welcome to Angénieux
by Remy Chevrin

New members of the AFC…

It is with great pleasure that the AFC welcomes Angénieux as a new associate member. With a strong tradition that cinematographers have long valued, this French company, owned in recent years by the Thales group, has developed products that have been respected by directors of the photography for more than a century of cinema.

Thales Angénieux
by Philippe Parrain, CEO of Thales Angénieux

New members of the AFC…

I am pleased to have presided over the destiny of Thales Angénieux for the past two and a half years. Although Angénieux is an internationally recognized brand in the world of cinema through our famous line of Optimo zooms, our company had not previously established any formal link with the AFC.
Yet it is to the AFC and its members, directors of photography, the early users of our products, that we must turn to propose lenses that continue to perfectly meet the technical and artistic requirements of this métier.

Welcome to Sony France
by Remy Chevrin

New members of the AFC…

Camera manufacturer, designer of image capture at a time when film sets are opening to digital, Sony is joining the AFC. Sony’s involvement in the film world, but especially in the capture of the image, for many years is a reality that has resulted in new additions to the director of photography’s vocabulary: the 750, the 900, then the F23, and finally the F35 which is currently making its appearance among rental houses.
There was an urgent need to involve all this work and reflection in the dynamic that inhabits the AFC.

Sony France
by Elizabeth Pierce and Fabien Pisano

New members of the AFC…

It is with great pleasure that Sony joins this year for the first time the AFC, the true guarantor of cinematographic creation and image in France. Thank you for bringing us into this big family.
As you know, we are manufacturer of digital cameras, some of which are destined for cinema artisans. As such, we wish first of all to develop contacts with all those involved, the directors of photography of course, but also directors, makeup artists, production designers and the various service providers.

Panasonic, a new partner
by Rémy Chevrin, AFC

New members of the AFC…

It is with great pleasure that we welcome within the AFC, Panasonic Cinema, which many directors of photography have already had the opportunity to know while shooting feature films and television.
In the coming weeks their representative in France, Guilhem Krier, will provide a more detailed presentation of the company and its various activities.

Tom Stern, ASC, and now AFC
by Willy Kurant ASC, AFC

New members of the AFC…

We are pleased to welcome Tom in his migration to the AFC.
Usually, it’s AFC members who knock on the door of the ASC to become members!
Why this attachment to France for a DP who is à la mode because of his work on the films of Clint Eastwood? He started as a gaffer for 18 years with Clint… and DPs Bruce Surtees, Owen Roizman and Jack Green.

Tom Stern
by Bruno Delbonnel

New members of the AFC…

I am very honored to sponsor Tom Stern to the AFC. I met him two years ago at Camerimage. I was impressed by his work on Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. I saw in those films what I found absolutely remarkable in the work of Haskell Wexler, Vilmos Zsigmond or Conrad Hall: the distortion of what could be described as a realistic image.

Tom Stern, ASC, at the AFC
by Remy Chevrin

New members of the AFC…

It was during an evening in Cannes that I had the pleasure and the honor to meet Tom Stern: he was the president of the jury for the Vulcan prize for Technical Artist awarded by the CST, and I was able to spend a few hours talking with him about the business and the responsibilities it engenders.

The AFC "Micro Salon" 2008, a worthy success


The 8th edition of the AFC "Micro Salon" ("micro trade show") was held on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at the Fémis film school in the 18th district in Paris between 10 AM and 10 PM.
The AFC Micro Salon has been supported by the CNC (National Cinema Center) and the Fémis since its inception. We wish to thank the school’s director, Marc Nicolas, and his team for welcoming us so faithfully in this cinema landmark in the middle of Paris, on the site of the historic Francoeur sound stages.
This year Veronique Cayla, general director of the CNC, and Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival, honored us with their presence.

IMAGO: Annual General Assembly (2008)
by Armand Marco, AFC

European federation of cinematographers

The Annual General Assembly of Imago took place from February 15 to 17, 2008 in Amsterdam. Representatives of the European associations were invited to gather in the Dutch capital on the afternoon of Friday, February 15th.

The meeting ended the presidency of Andreas Fisher-Hansen (FDF), who had agreed, during an exceptional general assembly in Paris on December 13th, 2003, to take on the burdensome task of reorganizing Imago.

Outside the AFC: "The Secret of the Grain", an interview with DoP Lubomir Bakchev
by Eric Guichard, AFC

Conversations with cinematographers

At the last Cannes Film Festival we started a series of interviews with directors of photography who were not members of the AFC.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lubomir Bakchev at the special screening, organized jointly with the CST, of A Secret by Claude Miller, photographed by Gérard de Battista.

I knew that the release of The Secret of the Grain (La Graine et le mulet) by Abdellatif Kechiche was imminent and I asked Lubomir to see a preview. I then suggested to Lubomir that we extend our conversation with the present interview.

If I had one wish to make for the AFC, it is that interviews, like the one of Gérard de Battista by Wilfrid Sempé, become a means of strengthening relationships and kinship between members, and of reinforcing that most important subject for the future of our association: the image of a film.

Enjoy the interview. Eric Guichard