AFC-related activities

At Amiens, a lovely week of cinema
By Gérard de Battista, AFC

Caméflex 2013

Eight films were in competition this year, and two received an award. First prize went to Harmony Lessons by Emir Baigazin (Kazakhstan) for a very strong first movie portraying a secretive and awkward adolescent from a poor, hardscrabble, rural background who is confronted with bullying and violence from both the little chieftains and the semi-military authority structure of his middle school.

Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC: "Art and Matter"
By Fabien Gaffez

Caméflex 2013

The 33rd Amiens International Film Festival, in partnership with the AFC, has for the second year in a row hosted "Caméflex Amiens", an event dedicated to cinematographers, from 11-15 November 2013. Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, was honoured with a retrospective on nine of his films and a Master Class. Fabien Gaffez, Festival’s Artistic Director, speaks about Denis Lenoir’s work.

Director of photography Thomas Hardmeier, AFC, talks about his work on "The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet", by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Conversations with cinematographers

The first time I met Jean-Pierre Jeunet to discuss his new film, he immediately told me that he was looking for someone who could help him evolve his taste for coloured and contrasted images. I was delighted to work inside of his universe which I love and which was an inspiration for I, Cesar, A Butterfly Kiss, and Les Tribulations d’une caissière.

Director of photography Thierry Arbogast, AFC, discusses his work on "The Family", by Luc Besson
A Mafia boss in Normandy

Conversations with cinematographers

For his first project filmed inside the Cité du cinéma, Luc Besson decided to make an adaptation of Tonino Benacquista’s novel depicting a reformed New York ‘godfather’ forced to live under a false identity in the Normandy countryside. A mix of comedy and film noir that is largely carried by the presence of a cast that would make even the largest Hollywood studios jealous (Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Pfeiffer). Here, along with Thierry Arbogst, AFC, who regularly works alongside Besson, we take a look at this film’s approach to visuals and filming in studio. (FR)

Sébastien Buchmann, AFC’s newest active member

New members of the AFC…

During its last meeting before the summer, the Board of Directors of the AFC decided to admit Director of Photography Sébastien Buchmann to the ranks of its active members. Having begun his career in the mid 90s, he has since frequented the likes of Céline Bozon, Nathalie Durand, and Eric Gautier, amongst others, and has had a parallel career as a cameraman on short, medium, and feature-length films. We bid him a warm welcome.

Sébastien Buchmann, a fellow traveller, an accomplice
By Céline Bozon, AFC

New members of the AFC…

Sébastien and I have repeatedly crossed paths over the last dozen or so years. We both relayed working on movies by young directors like Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Antoine Fumat, Sandrine Rinaldi, and Claire Doyon. Then finally we even shared work a few films where shooting was spread out over a couple of seasons, such as Horezon, by Pascal Bodet, or The Queen of Hearts, by Valérie Donzelli.

Kika Noëlie Ungaro, AIC, AFC’s new active member

New members of the AFC…

During one of its last meeting, the Board of Directors of the AFC decided to induct director of photography Kika Noëlie Ungaro, AIC, as the newest active member of our association. Michel Abramowicz, one of her two AFC sponsors, introduces her below. We all wish to Kika the warmest welcome.

Director of photography Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC, discusses his work on “The Dance of Reality”, by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Conversations with cinematographers

Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC, has been a faithful partner to Jean-Jacques Annaud since they worked together on Two Brothers. He is responsible for the cinematography of eight films by Patrice Leconte (including Girl on the Bridge, which was nominated for the César Award for best Cinematography in 2000). Today, writer, director and poet Alejandro Jodorowski has entrusted him with the camera on his latest movie, The Dance of Reality, an autobiographical film he directed on the eve of his eighty-third spring.

Director of photography Stéphane Fontaine, AFC, discusses his work on “Jimmy P.”, by Arnaud Desplechin

Conversations with cinematographers

Since The Beat that my Heart Skipped, for which he was awarded the César Award for Best Cinematography in 2006, Stéphane Fontaine has worked on Jacques Audiard’s films and received a second César Award for A Prophet. He has once again joined forces with Arnaud Desplechin, ten years after working together on In the Company of Men, for a film shot in the USA entitled Jimmy P., which was nominated in the Official Selection at Cannes 2013.

Cinematographer Tom Erisman, NSC, discusses his work on "Borgman", directed by Alex van Warmerdam

Interviews at Cannes

Tom Erisman, NSC, is a Dutch cinematographer who received his cinema training during his work as a gaffer between 1976 and 1987. After his shift to filming, he was behind the photography on a number of television series and films in the Netherlands. Amongst the directors with whom he has worked is Alex Van Warmerdam, with whom he worked in the past on The Northerners in 1992 (2nd unit) and more recently on The Last Days of Emma Blank in 2009. Borgman is his latest film. (FR).

Conversation with Howard Preston, founder of Preston Cinema Systems (PCS)
By François Reumont and Jacques Delacoux (Transvideo)

Interviews with the AFC’s "technical industry" partners

Howard Preston is the founder of the company that bears his name and that manufacturers the world’s most widely used professional focus and lens control systems. Another high-profile manufacturer for the cinema industry, Jacques Delacoux, CEO of Transvideo, took advantage of Howard Preston’s attendance at the 13th Micro Salon to have an animated discussion with him.