Agnès Varda

The Gaze(s) of Agnès Varda, gleaner of images

Like the cat Zgougou, mascot immortalized by the logo of Ciné-Tamaris, Agnès Varda had several lives – photographer, filmmaker, documentarian, visual artist –, constantly blurring the lines between fiction and documentary, reality and imaginary, poetry and activism, a gaze focused on others and introspection.

Nothing Stopped Agnès Varda
By Patrick Blossier, AFC

The poster of the Cannes Film Festival 2019 is sublime. It is a wonderful tribute that summarizes everything about Agnès Varda. Nothing stops Agnès Varda from shooting a take, nothing is impossible, her small size will not stop her from reaching the high viewfinder of her camera. The image comes from the shooting of her first feature, La Pointe courte, shot at Sète in 1954 while she was the photographer of Jean Vilar’s TNP.

Agnès Varda, Landscape
By Agnès Godard, AFC

Shooting began in May 1990.
Patrick Blossier is the cinematographer.
He shot Vagabond.
He called me in June.
The film Evocation of a Vocation or Jacquot (title still undetermined) has been put on hold.