Digital Workflow

Toutes les étapes logiques de la prise de vues à la projection numériques

Research results on Black & White in Digital Cinematography
By Philipe Ros, AFC

During the recent Micro Salon 2017, right after the screening of the short film Escapade, shot in black & white using the Panasonic Varicam LT without any Infrared cut filter, many people asked me for a further and more specific explanation on the methodology employed. Here is my answer, a brand new presentation, which not only describes every single step followed in our process but also sums up my previous researches on this topic.

"Debayering" special report
By Madelyn G. Most

Since their last meeting at Camerimage 2012, Philippe Ros, AFC, and Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC, have an ongoing conversation about what really makes up the look of the captured image from various digital cameras, and how people in all disciplines of the industry are overlooking other important elements to be concerned with, other than 4K, or2K, or 8K capture or which camera to use, such as:
- How and when the debayering is implemented after the recording of the files
- The curves implemented in the camera (i.e. Arri Alexa or Sony F35), or those implemented in post (i.e. Lin to Log with the Sony F65)
- Which system to use to transcode and intake those image files.

Too Many Labs Out of Control
By DoP Philippe Ros, AFC, Imago Technical Committee Member

For several months we’ve been talking with Irena Gruca from FilmPRO Magazine about the qualities of Digital Intermediate and connected issues. In this article I have the opportunity to recap the discussion.
Special thanks to Irena Gruca who gave authorization to AFC to publish this article released in “Intermediate” european magazine launched by CineArte (Germany) & FilmPro (Poland).
This article has received some more inputs after the last Camerimage and the Micro Salon 2012.

"Do we need shooting “RAW” to achieve the best quality?"

Yves Cape, AFC, SBC, signal us an interesting aricle wrote by our Belgian colleague Louis-Philippe Capelle, SBC, about RAW Mode published on Belgian Society of Cinematographers web site.
In the article, he gives details on this uncompressed pictures recording format and ask questions about the advantages, consequences and drawbacks.

Is Super 16 solvable in HD?
by Herve Lefel

On September 2nd at the Espace Pierre Cardin, the Technical Commission of the FICAM (French federation of the cinematographic audiovisual and multimedia industries) and the Image department of the CST (French Superior Technical Commission) invited many professionals involved in the creation, production, postproduction and broadcast of television fiction to a morning presentation of the results of a joint working group, "Super 16 - HD". With the friendly authorization of the CST, which organized this meeting, we propose an account of this event, written by Herve Lefel, member of the department of the CST Image department.