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Conversation with cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC
A few short echoes from Camerimage by Madelyn Most

Interviews at Camerimage

In a filmed interview, cinematographer Nancy Schreiber discusses her experience at Cameraimage, her concerns regarding the increased accessibility of the profession and the loss of craftsmanship that this has engendered. She ends the interview with her fears regarding the loss of control over the integrity of the image from its production to the final version.

Shooting seen from behind the scenes, a round table discussion organized with K 5600 Lighting and Transvideo
By François Reumont for the AFC

Camerimage 2014

This round table, moderated by Benjamin B., brought together cinematographers Matthew Libatique, ASC and Dick Pope, BSC, Steadicam operator Thomas English, gaffer Helmut Prein, focus-puller John Bailie, and DIT Peter Marsden, in order to discuss the various steps in the work of the image team and their implications.

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AFC Associate Members K5600 Lighting, Transvideo and Thales Angénieux, invited students from two French cinema schools (six students from La fémis and six from ENS Louis-Lumière) and the Polish school in Lodz to attend the 21st Cameraimage Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Five of them wrote articles published in English on [Film and Digital Times] website.

Plus Camerimage 2013, the impressions of a judge
By Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC


In my hotel room last night, before my last night spent in Bygdoszcz, coming home from the last party of the 23rd annual Camerimage event, I suddenly understood that for over thirty years, I have been leading a secret existence, a life that I can only discuss with other cinematographers, the only people who are capable of understanding it because they lead the same double life.

Camerimage 2006, the 14th Edition


The 14th edition of Camerimage - the world-largest festival awarding cinematographers and directors of photography - starts on November 25th. This year the festival is offering 3 competitions.

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