Jacques Monge

The International Community pays its respects to Jacques Monge

Jacques’ friends who were also eminent Steadicam cameramen sent us warm messages. His friends Garrett Brown – the inventor of the Steadicam® –, Chris Fawcett, Dan Kneece, Ruben Sluijter, Alessandro Brambilla, as well as Jack Churchill (Ted Churchill’s brother), and, from France, Loïc Andrieu, Philippe Bordelais, and Jake Russell – a cameraman that Jacques trained over the last few years and who filmed Frédéric Ducomet-Boquier’s film Steadicam Paradox(e)– all paid tribute to a man who never stopped training, advising, and supporting Steadicam operators who are passionate about their profession, and who are today the world’s best in the field, including his own son, Valentin. Régis Prosper, of Cartoni France, the current importer of the Steadicam and an associate member of the AFC, also shared his memories with us.