Image Charter

AFC Image Charter in Latvian language

For our Latvian friends, please read the Latvian version of AFC Image Charter.

1. Termina „kinooperators” definīcija.
2. Projekta izpēte kopā ar režisoru un producentu.
3. Darba plūsmas saskaņošana.
4. Filmas attēla veidotāju komandas izveide.
5. Testi un ražošana.
6. Montāža un pēcapstrāde.

Directors of Photography publish their Image Charter

The AFC has just published the Image Charter, designed to re-specify the responsibilities and obligations incumbent upon a Director of Photography. This document will be used as a basis during this period of changing technologies and working conditions.

AFC Image Charter English version

Another conception of cinema
By Charlie Van Damme, director of photography, AFC

Let’s consider a hypothetical world where all literary output gradually centred on a single nation except for a few residual poles whose limited influence would progressively diminish. We would have to ask ourselves what literature could possibly deserve this exorbitant privilege and, above all, what other literatures would have to be sacrificed. And then imagine what happens when the literature of this nation, carried by its deadly dynamic, reigns supreme: what would be left for it to destroy except itself ?