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Paweł Edelman

"An Officer and a Spy", a (true) film about a false verdict
Interview with cinematographer Paweł Edelman, PSC, about his work on Roman Polanski’s film "An Officer and A Spy"

For his latest film, director Roman Polanski decided to create an extremely historically accurate adaptation of a major event of the late 19th century: the Dreyfus Affair. Despite the very large number of characters and the frequent shifts between different time periods, the Franco-Polish filmmaker shows his excellence as a director and editor with this simple and captivating story. At the camera, once again, his Polish countryman Paweł Edelman officiates (his sixth film with Polanski, starting with The Pianist in 2002). A film in glacial tones, shot in large part in the authentic locations of the story. This film will open the new EnergaCamerimage 2019 Festival in Toruń. (FR)
Mátyás Erdély