Lighting and Power Equipment

Hot News on Power side at Cartoni France

Colorbox and Cartoni France come together to offer innovative energy solutions and introduce you to the PowerCub 3kW, an electric group of 3.500Wh.

Lumex offers the CarpetLight for rent

Carpetlight is a high-tech lighting product. With a high CRI ranging from 2800K to over 5.600K. Powered by a PWM with constant current control for ultra-low gradation combination and flicker-free rendering. LEDs are convection cooled through a patented multilayer textile compound. The textile outer casing provides maximum mechanical protection and also provides water-repellent and dust-proof properties.

The latest news from Exalux

In the latest news from Exalux this month, Dimlite, the DIY dimmer, the new Flexx LED ribbon collection, new add-ons for the Rock Wide, a new DMX wireless kit at Maluna Lighting and the next rendez-vous.

A new App by LEE Filters

We are pleased to introduce you our recently designed, Diffusion Comparator App which is free to download and enables the user to directly compare different diffusion filters lighting a model.

A selection of some LCA’s latest in LED Lighting exhibited at Satis 2015

LCA Lights Camera Action, new members of the AFC, recently exhibited at Satis with a selection of some of the latest in LED Lighting for Film, TV and Broadcast. Nick Shapley and Spencer Newbury attended the show where they met a number of AFC members including Co-President, Nathalie Durand.

Lumex announces the "Energy Center"

Lumex launches the "Energy Center", a new generation of secure power source. Already at the forefront of new technologies such as the “Agilight” lighting crane and the “Twin Pack” mobile secure power sources, Lumex adds the “Energy Center” to its range of innovative products now available for rent.

To stop the whispers: silencing HMI noise
by Marc Galerne (K5600 Lighting)

Following our discussions at the Satis and AFC Micro Salon shows, six members of the AFSI (French association of sound recordists) came to us, so that we could shed light on the issue of the noise made by HMI light sources.
Since we had to start somewhere, we proposed a meeting on our premises, so as to glean great ideas for future development. We therefore borrowed some used K5600 units from our rental house customers, as well as ballasts from different manufacturers, and brand new bulbs.