AFC’ Partners present at Camerimage

Angénieux at Camerimage 2018

At this year’s Camerimage Festival, Angénieux will feature its two latest long-focal-distance lenses, the Optimo Ultra 12x Multi Format and the Optimo 42-420 A2S Anamorphic.

Arri at Camerimage 2018

Once again this year, Arri will be a Camerimage Partner and will be in attendance with a stand showing off its products and latest innovations. A majority of its product managers will be in attendance, as well, along with Arri Munich’s management team and representatives from Arri Rental. Screenings, conferences, and workshops will round out their presence at the festival.

Canon at Camerimage 2018

Canon Poland and Canon Europe will be in attendance at Camerimage from 10-17 November 2018. As in previous years, Canon will host a stand and will organize two seminars with cinematographers during the week, two screenings, and a reception on Monday evening.

FilmLight at Camerimage 2018

FilmLight will present two conferences at Camerimage this year: the first will be on Postproduction for Cinematographers, from the Camera to the Monitor; the second, on the natural rendering of colours and textures in painting.

Fujifilm/Fujinon at Camerimage 2018

Fujifilm/Fujinon will participate in Camerimage once again this year with a stand on the 1st floor of the Opera Nova. Its team will present the latest range of Fujinon zoom lenses.

Leitz Cine Wetzlar at Camerimage 2018

For the entire duration of the Festival, Leitz Cine will be showing off its lenses and showing clips from films shot with Leitz lenses at its stand, on the 1st floor of the Opera Nova.

Panasonic at Camerimage 2018

Panasonic will be in attendance at Camerimage with a stand and during an event co-hosted with Vantage on the film Crazy Rich Asians, by John Chu, and cinematographer Vanja Černjul, ASC.

Panavision at Camerimage 2018

Panavision will once again be present at Camerimage as an Official Sponsor of the Festival and with its team at a stand at the Opera Nova. Two Panavision workshops will take place at Cinema Orzeł on Tuesday, 13 November.

Vantage at Camerimage 2018

A regular partner of the Camerimage Festival, Vantage has not planned a seminar this year, but will support Panasonic’s seminar with DoP Vanja Černjul and Imago’s panel discussion entitled “Focus on Diversity”. Vantage’s team will be in full attendance.

Carl Zeiss at Camerimage 2018

Zeiss will be at Camerimage this year and will, as usual, have its stand on the 1st floor of the Opera Nova and will host two presentations led by Maher Maleh, BVK.