ACS France, a very busy summertime

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ACS France team wishes you a very nice return ! We had a very busy summertime, full a great projects, glimpse back to some of them.

Sporting events :
- We participated in the Euro2016 coverage, having two of our systems in operation. First kit involved two 3 axis Shotover G1 on Mini-Track, covering the matches actions in both penalty areas. Our kit was appreciated as it is very functional, discreet and totally stable. Our Shotover F with ACS (UK) was also flying over the stadiums ; enabling 4K live broadcast with the Sony F55 and 4K downlink.

Euro 2016 : Shotover G1 sur Track-Mini
Photo ACS France

- Right after the Euro, our crew travelled to Monaco for the Herculis Athletics Meeting for high speed shot with the rail Speedtrack and Mini-C head. The system featured for the first time the latest Sony 4300 4K Slow-Motion camera !

Speedtrack et Mini-C
Photo ACS France

- No time to rest, we prepared in the meantime our installation for the Tour de France arrival, at Concorde and Charles de Gaulle Etoile square.

Tour de France 2016 : Cablecam 2 axes et Shotover F1
Photo ACS France
[Poste de cadrage de la Shotover F1
Photo ACS France

All-in-one broadcast package for Concorde : 300 meters 2 axis Cablecam, Shotover F1 Live kit, Sony HDC P1 and Canon 14x. For Charles de Gaulle, we had our Jimmy-Jib crane with its 7 meters boom, also fitted with the Sony P1 and Canon 14x.

Jimmy-Jib sur le Tour de France 2016
Photo ACS France

Feature Films :
- We used our drone units several times, in particular for the French feature film : heavy configuration with the Alta featuring the Alexa Mini, in Belgium and Romania ; lightweight configuration with the built-in DJI x5r (Raw) for a TV series produced by Gaumont TV.

Drone DJI x5r
Photo ACS France
Drone Alta avec Arri Alexa Mini
Photo ACS France

- We participated in the shoot of Les Temps difficiles, directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, photography by David Chizallet. Some shot required full stabilisation for a follow-up travelling and our Shotover K1 fitted on the 4x4 Buggy was the perfect choice here.

Buggy 4x4 et Shotover K1
Photo ACS France

- Many other shoot for French and foreign feature films with the Shotover K1 ; helicopter shot performed in France, UK, Belgium, Spain, Bolivia…

Préparation hélicoptère
Photo ACS France
Steve Desbrow, préparation de la Shotover K1
Photo ACS France
Tournage air-air Shotover K1
Photo ACS France

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