ACS France on the shooting of "Supercondriaque"

by ACS France AFC newsletter n°240

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A great team for Supercondriaque, Dany Boon’s latest movie, photographed by Romain Winding, AFC. Our team worked at night in Paris streets during Christmas time, and in Budapest also at night time in order to follow car pursuits with the Ultimate Arm and with Jean Baptiste Jay as a camera operator.

The Shotover K1’s first flight in Europe took place during this first shooting in Budapest, equipped with an Arri Alexa and an Angenieux 24-290mm lens and with Eric Veyssière as camera operator and Luc Poullain as helicopter pilot. The system stability and speed performances met the needs of the production.

For the finale’s shot, a technical mean was needed to start with a large medium shot, then a pan-shot, before further following a 30 meters vertical rise and discovering the roofs of Paris in the end credits. ACS France has supplied a 30 meters vertical pole able to unfold within a few seconds, equipped with a two axis head. The whole system was rigged on an on-wheels platform on the road, which can be moved and positioned in no less than 20 minutes. A quick and non-invasive setup in an urban environment!