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With the Shotover K1, the only 6 axis gyrostabilised head on the market : recent set up with an Alexa XT and the Anamorphic Angénieux Optimo 40-440mm, for the shoot of a feature film in the North of France. A unique set up completed with our ‘Rain Spinner’ mounted for shooting under the rain if necessary.

This accessory is proposed in our kit and is mounted at the last minute. Having this 6th axis gives much more ease to the camera operator for shooting vertically and brings us to an upper stage of aerial cinematography. When facing operator’s requirements, the K1 allows outstanding flexibility as it can fit old anamorphic lenses just as well as very recent sensors like the Canon Eos C700 or the DXL Panavision.

Gimbal field of view : Pan 360 degrees continuous, Tilt +60 to -140 degrees, Roll +/- 85 degrees.

Préparation caméra : François Vigon, 1er AC
Steve Desbrow, Aerial DoP
Luc Poullain, pilote film, et Valentin Signargout, technicien gyro

That’s in the very heart of Paris that, by night, our specialised Russian Arm crew took part in the shoot of a new car commercial. Combined with the Flight Head V, the Russian Arm is the most flexible and performant existing equipment to capture dynamic travelling shot, up to 150km/h. The arm reaches 6 meters long, is capable of rotating 360° in only 4.5 seconds and enable controlled auto-horizon even in the most challenging turns. The arm can be rigged on our ML65 tracking car or on any moving platforms such as boats, trains …

Russian Arm au Louvre à Paris

Another shoot involving a tracking vehicle for a second car commercial, in the South of France. Rigged on an all-terrain quad, our 3 axis gyrostabilised head Shotover G1 perfectly fulfilled its mission in these tough roads. For this shoot, we used a well appreciated combo : Alexa Mini and Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm. The Shotover G1 is very functional as it enables rapid camera package switch and can be easily rigged on any kind of support.

Shotover G1 sur Quad tout-terrain

Drone shoot in the Parisian region for a UK Series in its early production stage, for which we shot in Alexa Mini with the Master Prime Lenses.

Drone pour caméra Arri Alexa Mini ou série RED

Next release :

  • Le Sens de la Fête, directed by Eric Toledano & Olivier Nakache, shot by David Chizallet ; to be released on the 4th of October. For some very specific shot, the production was looking for a solution to realize a stabilised travelling and our equipment was perfectly suitable. The stability offered by our Shotover K1, rigged on the front of the quad, brought entire satisfaction to the director. It was carrying an Alexa Mini and Angénieux Anamorphic 30-72.
    Quad Shotover K1

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