ACS France : shooting of "Réparer les vivants" and "Bourne 5", release of "Belle & Sébastien 2"

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ACS France shot for the feature film Réparer les vivants (Katell Quillévéré) and Bourne 5 (Paul Greengrass) ; Belle and Sébastien to be released the 9th of December.

Our last work :
We filmed in the north of France with our Russian Arm for the adaptation of Réparer les vivants (to be released in 2016), directed by Katell Quillévéré and shot by Tom Harari (synopsis). The Russian Arm, a 6 meters long robotic arm, enables to capture high speed pursuit images close to the subject. It is equipped with the 3 or 4 axis gyrostabilised head Flight Head V, which can accommodate camera & lens configurations up to 40kg.

Le bras Russian Arm
Photo ACS France

ACS France has also been involved in the fifth opus of Bourne, directed by Paul Greengrass, and shot by Barry Ackroyd (to be released in 2016). We filmed an action sequence by night in a Spanish suburb by helicopter with the Shotover K1 : Alexa XT & Angénieux Optimo 24-290 T2, 8.

Sur le tournage de "Bourne 5"
Photo ACS France

Released in December :
Belle and Sébastien 2 – directed by Christian Duguay and shot by Christophe Graillot ; released the 9th of December. We shot twice for Belle and Sebastian 2, firstly at Oyonnax and secondly later in the year at Sollières. Luc Poullain was the film pilot, with Steve Desbrow the Aerial DOP, Valentin as aerial assistant/tech.
Unlike the first film, which was shot in 35mm, this film was shot mainly in 4K digital with the Sony F55 and Optimo 24-290mm. We shot with both of our aerial systems - the Super G and the Shotover K1.
Luc did a fantastic job in both planning the air to air flights and then in flying them. Air to air between a helicopter and an airplane is much more difficult because of the different speeds of the aircraft and helicopter - obviously an aeroplane can’t stop still and has a quite high minimum speed whereas a helicopter’s maximum speed is not really very high (typically 100 knots with system).
Safety is always our top priority as you don’t get many second chances !
It’s a testament to Luc and the aircraft pilots that once we all felt comfortable together then it all clicked into place and we rattled off the sequences off in rapid succession.
The results were great !
One more thing : if you are ever planning an air to air sortie, then always, always give time to the planning ; it’s absolutely essential, and secondly gives as much time as possible to the actual filming flying.

Sur le tournage de "Belle et Sébastien, l’aventure continue"
Photo ACS France
Tournage avec la Super-G
Photo ACS France

In 2015, ACS France had the chance to participate in a dozen of French feature films, and we deeply want to thank you for your confidence.
ACS France team wishes you a great new year, full of new exciting projects !

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