AFC Master Class in Camerimage 2015

The AFC Master Class in Camerimage will feature Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC, Patrick Duroux, AFC, and Claire Mathon, AFC, with the "scenes" as subject. Each director of photography will screen and comment one, two or three scenes they’ve shot, in a conversation with their colleagues and the audience that will be moderated by AFC consultant member Benjamin B.

The scenes chosen are very different indeed – a nocturnal wolf chase, a homosexual affair, a fairy tale, and even a rodeo – and will evoke a variety of themes in their form and content. How does one show a chase or a loving passion ? How do you shoot a dusk or a night exterior, what is the role of natural light ?

With the partnership of Angénieux and Panavision Alga Paris.

AFC Master Class
Thursday 19 – 17:15 - 18:45
Multikino Room 7