AFC Micro Salon 2014, a sneak peek

7-8 February

AFC newsletter n°239

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The 14th edition of the AFC Micro Salon will take place at La fémis on 7 and 8 February 2014. Lighting, camera, machinery, pre- and post-production are four of the sources that nourish a film during its creation. Manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and end users will once again come together at the Micro Salon in order to discuss new techniques and technologies. Here, you can get a taste of what is to come during this two-day event, which is always an exceptional opportunity to make exciting new discoveries and acquaintances.

As in years past, the Micro Salon will display camera, lighting, and machinery equipment on La fémis’ three levels. On the ground floor, after the lobby; in the basement, on studio 1 and its surrounding areas; on the 2nd floor, in the “foyer Renoir” and the areas around it on studios 3 and 4. On the same level, the Jean Renoir room will host screenings, round tables, and “carte blanche” events; the Foyer Renoir will be dedicated to postproduction and after-screening discussions.

This year, we will be able to count on the physical attendance of the following AFC member corporations (between parentheses, the floor where their stand will be located – B for Basement, GF for Ground Floor, 2 for 2nd Floor):
Aaton-Digital (B) – ACC&LED (B) – ASC France (GF) – Aile Image (2) – Airstar (2) – Arri Caméras (B) – Binocle (GF) – Broncolor-Kobold (2) – Cartoni France (2) – Ciné Lumière de Paris (2) – Cinésyl (2) – Codex (B) –Dimatec (2) – Eclair Group (2) – Eclalux (B) – Emit (B) – Fujifilm France (2) – HD Systems (GF) – K 5600 (B) – Key Lite (B) – KGS Devlopment (B) – Lee Filters (GF) – Loumasystems (GF) – Lumex (GF) – Maluna Lighting (2) – Mikros image (2) – NEC France (2) – Next Shot (GF) – Nikon (GF) – Panalux (B) – Panasonic France (2) – Panavision Alga (B) – Panavision Cinecam (B) – Propulsion (2) – Roscolab (B) – RVZ Caméra (2) – RVZ Lumière (2) – SMARTlight (2) – Softlights (B) – Sony France (B) – Sublab (2) – Technicolor (2) – Thales Angénieux (B) – Transpacam (GF) – Transpagrip (GF) – Transpalux (GF) – Transvideo (B) – TSF Caméra (2) – TSF Grip (2) – TSF Lumière (2) – Vantage Paris (2) – Vitec Videocom (2).

We remind you that all visitors must enter through the lobby on the ground floor of La fémis, where they will receive a badge and will be granted access to the different floors via the building’s central staircase.
As soon as they enter, guests will be given the opportunity to discover and purchase the new version of the Cinédico (translation dictionary) developed by the AFC for Android smartphones and tablets, in addition to the already-existing version for iOS. The professional press will make its magazines available, including a special edition of Film and Digital Times in French on the Micro Salon. The visit itself will then begin, and visitors are free to explore in function of their own interest, the program, and the meetings they will make along the way. As concerns the screenings, the program, lasting about 4.5 hours, will only be screened twice: Friday from 11:00 to 17:00, with a break between 13:00 and 15:00, and Saturday, from 12:30 to 5:00 without a break.

Two major events are planned for the 14th annual Micro Salon.
On Friday, 7 February, from 18:00 to 20:00 , the AFC will host a round table discussion moderated by its associate members and its member cinematographers in the Jean Renoir room. The theme chosen this year is “Intention and Colour Grading: from the set to the cutting room,” and will explore themes related to dailies, from their making on set to the cutting room, and will especially emphasize the problem of respecting the original format (compression/decompression, fabrication of DNX, etc.), as well as the correct restitution of the aesthetic choices of a film by the laboratories during colour grading.
Theirry Beaumel, of Éclair Group, Mathieu Leclerq, of Mikros Image, and Eric Martin, of Technicolor, will surround the cinematographers in order to animate this discussion.

On Saturday, 8 February, from 10:00 to 12:00 , Russian cinematographers from the RGC (Russian Guild of Cinematographers) will have “Carte Blanche” to introduce their association to our guests. The screening of short clips from their films will be the opportunity for Alexander Ilkhovski, Igor Klebanov, the President of the RGC, and Mikhail Krichman, to discuss their fellow members’ work.

For the second year in a row, the AFC will co-host this event with the Association française du son à l’image (AFSI) and will make available to this association a “Sound Space” located in the basement in Studio 2. Its partners will present their latest innovations and technical advances. Namely: A4Audio, Aeta, Areitec, Audio 2, Audioroot, Ats Nagra France, Cinela, Polyson, Sennheiser et Tapages & Nocturnes.
At the entrance of Studio 2, visitors will discover the AFC’s surprise guests. They will be able to engage in discussion with the moderators of and members of related associations.

Lastly, we would like to state that under the auspices of the CNC and the banner of the Paris Images Trade Show, in partnership with the CST, the Ficam, and Film France, the Micro Salon, the Idiff, the Industrie du rêve, and the Salon des lieux de tournage, have all come together to speak with one voice in order to promote the excellence and innovativeness of French technicians and technical industries.

In conclusion, we must remind our readers that the 14th Micro Salon could not be possible without the renewed support of the CNC, of our host La fémis, and the fifty-two associate members of the AFC presenting this year who are so pleased to show their latest innovations and the best of their expertise to our engaged and curious visitors over meetings and quality discussions.
In the name of the AFC’s Cinematographers, we thank them all in advance.