AFC Micro Salon 2016 – Intense but Smooth

La Lettre AFC n°262

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Having now reached the age of sixteen, the AFC Micro Salon is now in its best years ! Mission accomplished once again, as the four levels of La fémis presented the skills and innovations of fifty-six of our attending associate members to the over 2,650 guests who attended the event.

Although the program might seem intense, there were no major traffic jams inside of La fémis. As we wrote here over a year ago, one doesn’t change the formula of a successful magic potion : curious and attentive visitors, fortuitous discoveries and new meetings, good discussion partners, conviviality and a warm atmosphere, along with high-quality presentations and conversations…
Without counting the ever-growing interest of professionals from abroad who came from Europe and beyond to attend this event, such as : the South Korean delegation that was invited by Paris Images Cinéma – L’industrie du rêve, the members of Imago’s Technical Committee who came for a meting, the Iranian Cinematographers who were accompanying our guests from the Carte Blanche given to a foreign association, Mahmoud Kalari, the guest of the 4th annual Caméflex-AFC, and others all found a special atmosphere at the event.

The following personalities also paid us the honour of a complete and attentive visit : Raphaël Keler, the recently-nominated Director of Innovation, of Video, and of Technical Industries at the CNC ; Baptiste Heynemann, and Thomas Grosperrin who joined him ; Francine Lévy, the Director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis-Lumière ; Thierry de Segonzac, President of the Ficam ; Yann Marchet, the Marketing and Communication Director of the Ile-de-France Film Commission ; Etienne Traisnel, organizer of Paris Images Pro ; Anne Bourgeois, the General Delegate of Paris Images Cinéma. All of these guests showed how interested they were in our event.

Besides our participating associate members, four “AFC Guests” displayed one or multiple of their specialties :, the AOA, the A-DIT all discussed with our visitors. Our friends from the AFSI once again hosted their stand where eleven of their partners were exposers, and for the first time, two representatives of the Camerimage Festival were introducing that annual event dedicated to cinematography to the visitors, and especially to the students.

As usual, the highlight of the Micro Salon was the Carte Blanche, which this year, was given to our Iranian colleagues of the IRSC, represented by cinematographers Homayoun Payvar, Tootaj Mansoori, and Mohammad Aladpoush, its President, who came all the way from Teheran to present their association to us and show us extracts from their films as representative of their work.

The cinematographers of the AFC wish to express their warmest thanks to all those who, by their support and collaboration, worked to make sure the 16th annual Micro Salon took place in optimal conditions.

  • The Direction, the administrative, technical, pedagogical teams, along with the rest of the staff of La fémis, for their renewed hospitality and their kind assistance.
  • The presenters and AFC partner associate members, to whom we owe the success of the Micro Salon.
  • The AFC’s special guests
  • The AFC’s associate members who provided the necessary technical material to enable the event to take place (lighting, grip equipment, vehicles, etc.)
  • The teams in charge of organization, technical services, stage management, and welcoming visitors.
  • The decoration team.
  • The team of electricians.
  • The photo-reporters.
  • The professional press – both French and foreign – for the indispensable visibility they provide to our event.
  • The cinematographers of the AFC who took pleasure in rolling up their shirtsleeves when it came to time to set-up, prepare, light, and ensure the quality of the film screenings, and also to help us tidy up afterwards.
  • The members of the Association Française du Son à l’Image (French Association of Fim and Television Sound) who helped us prepare and operate the Sound Space, and to their partners who were exposing their products.
  • And lastly to the over 2,650 invited visitors, who came to meet their friends and acquaintances, but above all, to discover a know-how that the representatives of technical industries have become used to showing off in an exemplary fashion for the two days the Micro Salon lasts every year.