Arri seminars at Camerimage 2015

par Arri Camera Systems

Join Arri seminars and workshops at the 2015 Camerimage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, and don’t hesitate to visit their booth at Camerimage Market in Opera Nova !

Wednesday 18th Nov
Lighting and Filming a Studio-Based Exterior Set
with Oliver Stapleton BSC and special guests Covering LED lighting and the evolution of camera technology

  • 12:30, Workshops Center – University of Economy, Building M
  • Over the course of a career going back to the 1980s, acclaimed cinematographer Oliver Stapleton BSC has worked extensively on both sides of the Atlantic, shooting films such as My Beautiful Laundrette, The Grifters, The Cider House Rules and Buffalo Soldiers. During this workshop, Stapleton will illuminate a studio-based exterior set primarily with Arri’s versatile new SkyPanel LED soft light, utilizing different mounting options, accessories and color temperature settings in order to achieve various lighting effects. With the help of actors and some special guests he will set up a number of scenes, each with its own lighting and blocking challenges. By working with both an Arricam and an Alexa, Stapleton will highlight the differences between these formats and demonstrate how Arri’s long history of making 35mm film cameras helped it to create the world’s most ubiquitous and cinematographer-friendly digital motion picture camera. “In this camera and lighting workshop we will explore the novel idea of using a set as a landscape, finding ways to create various kinds of daylight as well as moonlight and night lighting without obvious sources, combined with practical sources,” says Stapleton. “I will project references from my own films and also some others on the big screen, explaining how to achieve similar effects with relatively simple tools and techniques.”

Arri Big Screen Experience

  • 18:00, Opera Nova, Main Screening Room

Arri’s Big Screen Experience will showcase the company’slatest technological innovations, giving an overview of upcomingproducts such as the Alexa SXT cameras, as well as the richvariety of productions using Alexa and Amira.

  • This presentation includes an update on the Alexa 65 camerasystem, which was launched at Camerimage last year and hassince been utilized by the world’s leading cinematographers ona wide range of high-profile movies.
    - From the Set : Real-World Experiences with Arri Cameras. Nobody can explain the advantages and benefits of ARRIequipment better than the professionals who work with it everyday on set. French cinematographer Jérôme de Gerlacheshares his experiences shooting music videos, documentaries,commercials and corporate films all over the world with his Amira. Australian cinematographer Ross Emery ACS discussesworking with Alexa on productions such as The Wolverine,The Giver and Woman in Gold.
    - Lighting the Future : The New SkyPanel LED Soft Light. Steve Howard and Darren Smith of Pinewood MBSLighting give an overview of the performance and merits ofthe new ARRI SkyPanel LED soft light. Pinewood MBS haspurchased more SkyPanels than any other single customer,supplying them to major feature film productions shooting atPinewood and Shepperton Studios.

Thursday 19th Nov
Arri – Free-Flying Cinematography with The Helicopter Girls

  • 11:30, Opera Nova Congress Centre, 1st Floor, Seminar Room
  • Katya Nelhams-Wright and Emma Boswell, both former documentary markers, founded The Helicopter Girls in 2011. Having worked with multi-rotor technology since 2009, they provide aerial filming services for feature films, dramas, commercials and factual productions. Credits include Fungus the Bogeyman (Sky), Mission : Impossible – Rogue Nation (Paramount), Da Vinci’s Demons (Fox) and Detectorists(BBC).
  • The first hour of the seminar will be spent in the seminar room, providing a general introduction to rigging the Alexa Mini for gimbals such as the Freefly MoVI15 and drones such as the Vulcan Raven X8.
  • Subject to weather conditions on the day, this will be followed by a further two hours of practical demonstration outside the Opera Nova. An Alexa Mini will be flown on a drone and controlled with Arri WCU-4 wireless hand unit, capturing sweeping aerial shots and romantic close-ups of two actors performing a scene on the bridge over the river.
  • “We fly the best aerial and stabilization systems and love working with high-end cameras like our Alexa Mini to create beautiful, cinematic images” say Nelhams-Wright and Boswell. “With a team of highly qualified pilots we have a strong safety record, extensive aircraft and technical knowledge, and the highest regard for public safety”.

ALEXA Mini in Mürren from The Helicopter Girls on Vimeo.