Caméflex Amiens 2013

The 2d annual “Cameflex” is a unique French cultural event dedicated to cinematographers and organized jointly by the AFC and the Amiens International Film Festival. It will be held from 8-16 November, 2013. It will occur within the framework of the 33rd Amiens Film Festival and will offer screenings and activities commemorating a cinematographer chosen by his or her peers.

In 2012, Caméflex Amiens paid homage to Ricardo Aronovich, AFC, ADF, ABC, and the Festival awarded him a Golden Unicorn for his entire body of work. During the commemoration ceremony, he was accompanied on stage by Georges Lechaptois, Gérard de Battista, AFC, Eric Guichard, AFC, Yves Angelo, guest cinematographers, and Michel Abramowicz, who represented the AFC as a member of the jury.

This year, Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, will be celebrated during Caméflex and we will be screening a broad retrospective of the films he has shot. He will be accompanied on stage by Yorick Le Saux and a number of other cinematographers whose films will also be screened during the festival.
In memory of Luc Drion, who suddenly passed away a few months ago, there will be an exclusive preview of Belle and Sebastien — the film by Nicolas Vanier dedicated to him — during the festival.
Lastly, Gérard de Battista will represent the AFC as a member of the jury.

The detailed schedule of film screenings at the Amiens festival, which will show off the work of lighting professionals, as well as the other events, will be published at a later time.

Fabien Gaffez, the artistic director of the Amiens Festival, wrote a year ago : “At a time where the transition to digital cinematography raises many issues, at a time of technical and esthetic changes, we believed it was important to provide perspective on a profession that the general public often knows too little about. The Amiens Festival began this project a few years ago by paying tribute to Haskell Wexler, ASC, Guillermo Navarro, AMC, ASC, or by holding a broad retrospective on Mexican cinematographers in 2001 (from Gabriel Figueroa to the present). As regards the AFC, an organization of which most French cinematographers are members, it works in many ways to educate the public on the very important art of lighting. This is why we have decided, following the suggestion of Alain Coiffer, to unite our forces in order to initiate “Caméflex”, our new annual event.”

Caméflex Amiens 2013
8 - 16 November - Amiens - Somme - France