Director of Photography David Ungaro becomes the newest active member of the AFC

par Rémy Chevrin La Lettre AFC n°219

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During its last meeting, the Board of Directors of the AFC decided to induct Director of Photography David Ungaro as the newest member of our association. Rémy Chevrin, one of his sponsors, has written the following introduction, but we all wish him the warmest welcome as the AFC’s newest member.

I met David Ungaro when I was beginning my career as a young director of photography : at the time, David had just begun an impressive period in his career during which he worked as a clapper alongside illustrious directors of photography such as Jean-Yves Escoffier or Darius Khondji. A few months later, we had the shared pleasure of taking the time to exchange our different, but complementary, points of view on cinema and our hopes and expectations for it.
We filmed a few advertisements and clips together, which was a really exciting experience because our different styles of creativity were given free reign. I immediately recognized David’s sensitivity and his very true views on photography and the relationship to the actor, which are themes that are dear to my own personal project and seemed to be so for David, too.

A few years of experience working with other directors of photography were enough for David to gain the reputation of an eclectic director of photography, able to film comedy (99 francs) and drama (La Rafle and Coco et Igor).
I am delighted to welcome David to the AFC and am sure that he will be able to find his place and his voice through the various activities organized by the association.

David, welcome to you.

Rémy Chevrin