"Driven by creativity" videos

During Imago Annual General Assembly 2013, held on February 15th and 16th in Brussels and Mons (Belgium), a debate took place at the Cinematek Brussels, "Driven by creativity", moderated by Kommer Kleijn, SBC. Cinematographers Sean Bobbitt, BSC, Christian Berger, ACC, Benoit Debie, SBC, and Danny Van Deventer of the Film foundation Amsterdam were the contributors.

As filmmakers we are confronted at an ever rapid pace with new cameras, new ways to finish and show our films. How are we as cinematographers driven by the fast changing technological side of our business ? Does the fast pace have an influence on the creative side of film making, or do we look for new technologie out of need to create our vision and to find new ways to tell our story as it was at the dawn of film when all was new and undiscovered, and the grammar of cinema still needed to be written ?
And what is the benefit for the audience in all of this, as they sometimes get overwhelmed with choices when going to a theatre, 2D-3D-48fps 3D ? Do we risk sidetracking the audience from the stories that we want to tell because of some business model, or is this just a phase we have to go through ?