Emit at AFC Micro Salon 2015

par Emit La Lettre AFC n°250

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Once again, there will be many new products to see on the Emit booth this year. The Micro Salon is a privileged moment for our manufactures to share their knowledge and experiences with the end users. Some will find a source of inspiration and others will find solutions to help complete their projects.

The Emit team and their partners will be happy to present their latest innovations.

  • The Motion Control for Sliders Ronford Baker,
  • The Cooke Anamorphic/I lenses,
  • The ball bearing gimbal Maxima MX30 (up to 30kg) by Betz Tools and FomaSystems,
  • The Gizmo Gyro Assisted Remote Head by A&C,
  • The Precision Levelling Tracks by Panther,
  • The new Easyrig Vest with the Serene Arm,
  • The new Mattebox Cine 1 by Chrosziel,
  • The StarliteHD, monitor OLED HD 5" by Transvideo,
  • The wireless handunit Magnum by Chrosziel,
  • The Pan Bar Zoom by CMotion.

And lots more...