Feedback from SAS Damien-Vicart on "Prière d’enquêter", photographed by Eric Guichard, AFC

Contre-Champ AFC n°316

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SAS Damien-Vicart, pioneer in the use of drones for aerial photography in France since 2008, had the chance to be involved in this shooting. There were several shots, simple in appearance, but which required a great deal of precision.

One of the end shots is the follow-up of the moped from the front, downhill, on a winding path, passing under branches. Not to be too high for the frame, nor too low as not to raise dust on the talents, while keeping the same presence. Then the drone takes a distance, goes up and rushes towards the Abbey.

The other shots were done at night, now that the regulations are more flexible on night flights. So followed in top shot, sideways, semi-darkness, then dark night. Here too, you had to hold the turns, because if you missed the car’s headlights, there were no more benchmarks, everything was precise.

There were also more complicated reversal scenes, also in the middle of the night and other simpler ones like states. (setting the scene).

Here is a very short video clip :

Everything was shot with a simple Inspire 2 drone and an X7 camera. It is a 6K S35 sensor that records in Prores or RAW and allows very slow or fast flights, even very precise, it all depends on the pilot / cameraman at the end of the sleeves.