Franck Montagné, the AFC’s newest consulting member

By Philippe Ros, AFC

par Philippe Ros La Lettre AFC n°225

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During one of its last meetings, the AFC’s Board of Directors decided to offer Franck Montagné, post-production director, consultant and trainer, membership in the AFC as a consulting member. Franck willingly accepted our offer and we are very happy to extend a warm welcome to him. Philippe Ros, AFC, has written the customary introduction.

Long a director of operations and supervisor of visual effects at GLPIPA, Franck is currently a post-production director, consultant and trainer on the European level. Franck is one of the foremost specialists in the digital chain, from initial conception to end product. I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance a long time ago on a multi-camera television advertisement with Mathias Ledoux on which he was a visual engineer.
I didn’t know much about that equipment and I had listened with great interest to his recommendations on how to change the style of our images. Then, we were both fascinated with work on telecine. Our research went in separate ways, but we never lost touch with one another.

We have had the opportunity to work together as instructors or consultants because our work is perfectly compatible. Today, if I need a post-production director’s point of view, I call him. I know that thanks to his experience, Franck’s input on any stage of the digital chain is going to be useful. Franck is a great teacher and he knows how to convince a producer that a certain type of post-production is the right choice.

I am therefore delighted that the AFC will be able to benefit from his knowledge. Welcome, Franck !