Imago Federation, IAGA 2012

by Richard Andry, AFC

par Richard Andry

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After the BSC in Bradford, the AIC in Rome, and the ESC in Tallinn, it’s the AFC’s turn to host Imago’s Annual General Assembly (IAGA) from 9-11 February. This is a triple event because it will take place at the same time as our 12th Micro Salon, and that it takes place during Imago’s 20th anniversary celebration. Indeed, in 1992 Luciano Tovoli, AIC, invited his French, German, and British colleagues to the Cinecittà, where they created IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers.

Imago has experienced rapid and strong growth since the heady days of its inception, and currently has 27 active European members and 20 associate members from elsewhere in the world. South Korea has asked to become the 48th associated member this year, and Japan, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, Israel, Brazil, and Colombia, all associate members from far away, have decided to send representatives to join the European delegates this year in Paris. A success for our City of Light ! And, since French films are currently being nominated for the most important awards in film, it is the right opportunity to show off our potential and our know-how and that, despite the crisis, our enthusiasm and dynamism are intact.

The General Assembly will have to make a number of important decisions : whether to transfer headquarters from Paris to Brussels and the consequent adoption of Belgian statutes, the problems linked to Imago’s latent internationalization, and the election of a new board of directors. The various committees (technical, labour conditions, intellectual property, master class) will present their annual reports, and a few other ancillary issues will be addressed.

The Commission du Film Île-de-France (Paris Region Film Commission) will host the IAGA at the Cité Universitaire for the Location Expo, and the AFC’s sponsors will help organize a few joyful events.
On Saturday, 11 February, from 11:00 to 12:30, the AFC will give carte blanche to Imago, and after a screening of Together, the Spirit of Imago, a film made to commemorate Imago’s 20th anniversary, you are invited to a question-and-answer session with Imago’s members.
(Richard Andry is the AFC’s representative to Imago)