Introducing cinematographer Victor Seguin, new active member of the AFC

by Agnès Godard, Julien Poupard Contre-Champ AFC n°337

[ English ] [ français ]

Recently admitted as an active member of the AFC, cinematographer Victor Seguin is introduced here by his AFC sponsors, Agnès Godard and Julien Poupard in the words they used to support his application before their peers.

Victor Seguin joining us is great, by Agnès Godard, AFC
On Sunday, July 31st, Julien Poupard and I met at the home of Victor Seguin, who is applying for membership in the AFC.
He has shot, amongst other things, the image of the magnificent Gagarin and is now beginning work on his fifth feature film.
Each of us related the path we took in our career: each era has its own geography!
We especially discussed films and images whose visual experience left an impact on us.
We could have continued our discussions endlessly, given how interesting and passionate they were, and I’m even regretful that I didn’t record that free and spontaneous conversation so I could share it with all of you.
This is to say that it would be great for Victor to join us at the AFC.
It is a pleasure to sponsor him alongside Julien, whom I also met at that occasion.
It was a vivifying experience.
A beautiful Sunday at Les Lilas.

Victor Seguin, an inventive and curious cinematographer, by Julien Poupard, AFC
I have known Victor for a long time and have always kept abreast of his career.
Victor began by making short films and then commercials. Then, he began to make features with directors of his generation.
He created the remarkable cinematography on Gagarin, by Fanny Liatard and Jérémie Trouilh. More recently, he shot À plein temps, by Eric Gravel. His latest film, Blue Jean, by Georgia Oakley, was selected at the Venice Film Festival.
I particularly appreciated his work on music videos and commercials with Truman & Cooper.
Victor is a curious and inventive operator who has earned his place within the AFC.
Victor had the excellent idea of inviting me and Agnès to his home in Les Lilas for a coffee.
We had a wonderful afternoon full of unbridled discussions. It was truly a ping-pong between passionate cinematographers. Thanks to you, Victor, I met Agnès.
So there you have it, the three of us have bonded over that afternoon in Les Lilas. That is also what it means to sponsor someone for membership: a trio, an intergenerational bond.

(Translated from French by A. Baron-Raiffe)