Kika Noëlie Ungaro, AIC, AFC’s new active member

par Michel Abramowicz La Lettre AFC n°234

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During one of its last meeting, the Board of Directors of the AFC decided to induct director of photography Kika Noëlie Ungaro, AIC, as the newest active member of our association. Michel Abramowicz, one of her two AFC sponsors, introduces her below. We all wish to Kika the warmest welcome.

Kika Noëlie Ungaro, a true asset for the AFC
Kika grew up in the cinematographic circuit ; her father, a director of television series, had her do a number of on-set internships. During one of them, she met Armando Nannuzi and embarked upon a collaboration that began in 1979 and lasted eight years. Alongside him, she learned all of the different aspects of our profession, from focus-puller to assistant camerawoman. Then she began to film music videos, short-length films and documentaries.

The challenge was difficult, for Kika was often the first woman in these positions. She went on to work with the greatest Italian cinematographers of the 1980s.
She subsequently filmed her first feature-length film with a recognized and respected director, Pupi Avati. Kika was the first, and long the only, woman to be admitted to the AIC. An oddity, in short. In 2000, she received the Nestor Almendros award and decided to come and try her luck in France.

Then, thanks to the help of Matthieu Poirot-Delpech, AFC, she signed off on her first French movie as a cinematographer, A+Pollux by Luc Pagès, AFC. She decided to stop working in Italy and concentrated exclusively on her work in France.
For Kika, becoming a member of the AFC is the highlight of her integration into the world of French cinema, which she loves and respects. For me, being able to frequent AFC members from different origins and cultures is truly an asset for our association.
Welcome, Kika !

Michel Abramowicz, Co-President of the AFC