L’éditorial de la Lettre de mai 2011

par Caroline Champetier
Il n’y a pas qu’à Cannes que l’on peut voir des films sur grands écrans, preuve en est cette intervention sur le CML (Cinematography Mailing List, site des DoP américains).
Et si " l’expérience salle " reprenait du poil à la bête et de la surface à l’écran ? Si nos collègues américains nous montraient le chemin ?

« May 20th, Barry Lyndon will be showing at the Loews Theater, Journal Square, in Jersey City. For any CML’ers in the NYC area, this is a great opportunity to see a Kubrick film on a "Big Screen".
I saw The Matrix last night at this theater, which is a classic art déco theater from the 30’s that has gained landmark status and is being slowly restored. Thankfully, the restoration started with the projection and sound system, which has been completed. The screen is about a 50 + foot wide screen so seeing films there is a such a fantastic change from the Small screen world which we currently inhabit.
A while back I saw the directors cut of Blade Runner from a print which had only been projected a dozen times or so. Every time I leave a screening at the Loews, I come away feeling re invigorated about film making after seing films projected on a big screen the way they were originally intended to be seen. Tickets are 7 bux and popcorn is a dollar, so its a bargain. The Loews in Journal square is easily accessible from NYC via the PATH train to Journal Square in Jersey City. »

Mark Smith, DoP
The Garden State