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We have been involved in many projects along with Roland Garros, in particular in Spain for commercials and a UK TV Series. The Shotover U1g showed again great performance for the final of the French Football Cup in the Stade de France.

Roland Garros :
With two Cablecam (Chatrier & Lenglen) and our suspended Speedtrack (Chatrier) we again participate in the TV production of the tournament for France Televisions and the French Tennis Federation.

Cablecam 1D + tête Shotover F1

Last projects :
- We did helicopter aerials in Spain with the Shotover K1 for two sport-car commercials :
A first team in Palma de Mallorca was operating the Shotover K1 with an Alexa XT and two different lenses : the brand new Fujinon 25-300mm (which is a very good alternative for 5-6k shot) and then the 18-35mm.Two spots for this project : near Formentor lighthouse and the stunning roads of Sa Corbata.

A second team travelled to the Ascari circuit in Malaga and this time the Shotover was fitted with an Alexa Mini and the Angénieux 24-290mm.

Shotover K1 – Sa Corbata
Shotover K1 - Ascari

- Another helicopter job with the K1 in Spain for the UK TV Series "Jamestown" for which we used an Alexa XR and the Angénieux 24-290mm. We shot impressive live action sequences happening on a 17th century near the coasts of Cadiz.

Préparation de la Shotover K1

- Last shoot but not the least, in Spain (Madrid) for a commercial related to the 2016 Euro for which we deployed our Cablecam in its 3 axis version. Our great team spent several days following strict procedures and extreme precision for this challenging job in ‘full motion control’. We used a Libra head and an Alexa XT.

Cablecam 3D – Libra Head

- Eventually, we participated in the TV production of the final of the French Football Cup on the 21th of May. We were operating two of our systems for exceptional behind the goal slow motion images : our 8 meters Mini-Track with the 3 axis Shotover U1g on one side and the Polecam on the other.

Shotover U1g sur Mini-Track de 8 mètres

Last release :
- The Outsider, directed by Christophe Barratier and shot by Jérôme Alméras (AFC) which will be released on the 22d of June. We did helicopter aerials with the Shotover K1 (Alexa XT & Angénieux 24-290) over La Defense financial district, in particular over the the Société Générale HQ.

- Camping 3, directed by Fabien Onteniente and shot by Pierric Gantelmi d’Ille (AFC) which will be released on the 29th of June. Two teams were involved in Arcachon for this movie : the first one for helicopter aerials with the Shotover K1 and the second one for drone (Red Epic) sequences near the beach. We also did drone aerials in the Paris region.

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