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We spent a lot of time since early 2017 for the preparation of French and foreign productions, to be shot in the coming weeks !

Focus films :

- Daddy or Mummy 2 - Discussion with the director :
Luc Poullain (ACS France CEO) comes back on Daddy or Mummy 1&2, directed by Martin Bourboulon and shot by Laurent Dailland, AFC. It was a huge pleasure to be part of these two projects and its great crew :
Luc Poullain : What have you been working on since the first movie and this one, "DOM2" ?
Martin Bourboulon : I worked on some commercials, but the development of the two movies rapidly followed.

Did the helicopter images we shot meet your expectations ?
MB : Yes totally, I needed this footage to portray the character’s dream and the helicopter was our best option.

Do you have any comments regarding the editing you made from it ?
MB : Even nice, helicopter shot must be useful and rapidly edited. We must never forget that what matters is the storytelling, more than the beauty of the images captured.

How did you come up to shoot this ‘boat’ shot for DOM2 ?
MB : For us it was the best way to open the sequence.

What were your thoughts after shooting and editing it ? Any particular memory regarding our work ?
MB : I have the memory of very performant equipment, able to perfectly meet what we wanted.

- Dunkerque – 1st images for Nolan new movie

It will be released on the 19th of July but you can already discover the first images which propose a thrilling immersion in the Battle of Dunkirk (May 1940). ACS France managed the aerial coordination of the project :

- L’Ascension – Audience hit 1M !
We are also very proud to have contributed in the success of this comedy ; a fantastic and funny adventure with stunning mountain images overseen by Yannick Ressigeac.

Some of our latest projects :

- Our Russian Arm crew keep travelling Europe, this time in the North of Spain for the shoot of a new ‘Renault’ car commercial.

- Our new 2 axis Cablecam again did great covering a TV program at the Maison de la Radio. Along with the Shotover G1 it offers impressive stability and precision, the director was very enthusiastic. You can have a glimpse of what’s possible to do here :

This is an example of the possibilities that our technology offers for your film projects, be it shot outdoor, indoor, in a studio ; with a quick installation and mastered budget. Our Cablecam® package in very functional as it enables you to choose between a wide range of camera (up to 8K) & lenses packages ; rapidly interchangeable.

Our open doors, 6th of April 2017 – 10:30am/3:30pm

Do not forget to register for our special 20 years anniversary open doors, happening on the 6th of April from 10h30 and 15h30 ; new products will be presented ! We will organise shuttle service from Versailles Chantiers train station and for this occasion we will have a Helicopter shuttle organised (5 places to be drawn). To register

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