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In the latest news from ACS France, the release in theatres of three movies – one photographed by Denis Rouden, AFC, –shot from helicopters with our Shotover K1.

July & August 2019 releases :

- Ibiza, directed by Arnaud Lemort and photographed by Denis Rouden, AFC, is released in cinemas on July 3rd 2019. We thank the film team for trusting us on this beautiful project. We shot from helicopters with our Shotover K1.
This project was a great challenge for our team. Indeed, it was one of the first movies in Europe to shoot with the all-new Sony Venice, in 4K Super35. The versatility of our Shotover K1 allowed us to install this camera without any problems.
The system was equipped with the renowned Angénieux Optimo 12x zoom on the nose of a helicopter, to film the beautiful landscapes of the island ; its cities animated by the festivals and open roof nightclubs.

Shotover K1, Sony Venice et zoom Angénieux Optimo sur le tournage d’"Ibiza"

- Spiderman : Far From Home, directed by Jon Watts and photographed by Matthew J.Lloyd, is released in theaters on July 3, 2019. Thank you to all the film team for trusting us on this wonderful project. Our team traveled to the Czech Republic with our Shotover K1 equipped with an Arri Alexa and a Fujinon 18-85 that we used to film night footage in a typical East-European village.

Shotover K1 équipée d’une Alexa et un Fujinon 18-85 mm sur le tournage de "Spiderman"

- Fast Furious presents : Hobbs & Shaw, directed by David Leitch and photographed by Jonathan Sela, is released in theaters on August 7, 2019.
In November, ACS France, in cooperation with Team5, put its know-how at the service of production in the United Kingdom. The issue this time was the aerial coordination of two machines : a helicopter had been repainted and equipped with reproductions of military weapons, while the second was rigged with a Shotover K1 and filmed the actions of the first in a disused power station. On a production of this magnitude we also supplied a live video return to the ground, allowing the director to view live aerial images while managing his teams on the ground.

Hélicoptère "relooké"
Sur le tournage de Fast and Furious : Hobbs and Shaw

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