Lumières, les Cahiers de l’AFC

the first issue is hot off the presses

La Lettre AFC n°152

[ English ] [ français ]

4* Foreword by Éric Guichard, AFC’s President

5* Editorial by Benjamin B

7* The Beat my Heart Skipped

discussion with Jacques Audiard and Stéphane Fontaine, AFC

by Benjamin B

31* Army of Shadows
presentation by Pierre Lhomme, AFC of a print from the restored negative

39* About a Commercial
discussion with Frédéric Planchon and Patrick Duroux, AFC

by Benjamin B and Gérard Stérin, AFC

55* Gabrielle
discussion with Patrice Chéreau and Éric Gautier, AFC

by Benjamin B

71* The March of The Penguins
discussion with Laurent Chalet

by Benjamin B and Dominique Gentil, AFC

87* The Future of The Cinematographic Image
discussion with Jean-Pierre Beauviala

by Benjamin B, Diane Baratier, AFC and Caroline Champetier, AFC

104* A Word From Our Sponsors

Kodak, Panavision-Alga-Techno, Transpalux

Below are a few images from the CD that accompanies the printed review