MR 73

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Making a film with Olivier Marchal is no ordinary adventure. Very early on, almost from its conception, I had the privilege of knowing the broad directions that his new film would take. So I was expecting something violent, without knowing exactly what I would find in my mailbox.

After reading the screenplay straight through, I was convinced that this film was an exception, and that we had to find an image that would be equal to the writing and narration.I gently steered Olivier towards the idea of anamorphic Scope with negative bleach bypass. After a few test sessions, we decided together to risk the maximum in order to achieve what we had in mind. Over the weeks Olivier became more radical than I, pushing me to make no concessions and apply the bleach bypass treatment to the entire film even though we were initially tempted to do so on only half the sequences.

Daniel Auteuil, "MR 73"
Daniel Auteuil, "MR 73"

I had the good fortune to have Berto by my side as the camera operator, and his arrival in the "Marchal clan" brought an interesting artistic contribution through his talent and kindness. The shoot took place mainly in Marseille and was of a rare intensity. 

Daniel Auteuil, "MR 73" - DR
Daniel Auteuil, "MR 73"

Daniel Auteuil, completely transformed into an alcoholic cop at the end of his rope, surprised us a little more each day with his masterful interpretation of Louis Schneider. Thanks to Danys Bruyère’s cooperation, we had the latest series of Hawk V2 lenses, and I chose to film the movie with Kodak 5218 and 5217.

My usual team, led by Marie-Laure Prost (AC), Bruno Durand (grip) and Olivier Mandrin (gaffer), accompanied me on this adventure. Thanks to Jean Didier Durand and Didier Dekeyser for their active participation in the color timing while I was retained abroad shooting a film.

Translations by Benjamin and Kim B


- Camera equipment : TSF, Hawk V2 lenses
- Laboratory : Eclair
- Film stock : Kodak