New AFC Cinematographer’s Guidelines 2023

Contre-Champ AFC n°339

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Over the years, the exercise of directing and cinematography in film has evolved considerably. New tools and new media for image capture and delivery, have spurred us to redefine our profession, in order to clarify our responsibilities and commitments with respect to directors, producers, broadcasters, as well as the crews we work with.

Clearly, there are stages of creation of a film that are often underestimated, as are certain crucial communications with other departments. Because our position dovetails and works in close collaboration with others, we feel it’s necessary to restate what that link is made of.
This new “Cinematographer’s Guidelines 2023” is based on the “Charter 2005”. It should serve as an evolving guide to any and all in need of reference markers.
Fiction, documentary, video clip, advertising… each film is unique and requires its own dedicated process.
This document is intended as a teaching and information source and in no way means to promote dogmatic or uniform approaches. (Cinematographer’s Guidelines Preamble)

Content’s titles
- Pre-production (prep)
- Shooting
- Post-production
- Ethical and ecological commitments
- Glossary