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Checco’s Recipes
Video interview with cinematographer Checco Varese’s about his work on Paxton Winter’s film “It : Chapter 2”, conducted by François Reumont for the AFC

Les entretiens de Camerimage

During his visit to Camerimage to present the second film adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling novel (It : Chapter 2), Peruvian cinematographer Checco Varese, ASC, discussed with us his unique way of approaching the shooting of this film. In no particular order, he discussed his passion for doing things directly on set as well as his vision of the profession in the age of special effects. With his calm and clever smile, welcome to the chef’s kitchen !

Stairway to heaven
Video interview with cinematographer Laura Merians about her work on Paxton Winter’s film “Pacified”, conducted by François Reumont for the AFC

Les entretiens de Camerimage

Teenage girl Tati lives at the very top of a flight of stairs in a favela in Rio de Janeiro with her mother, who is almost young enough to be her older sister. Her father is the former local crime boss and has been in prison since before she was born. But one day, he returns. For her first film, Laura Merians has created an image full of strength and colors at the heart of a classic tale of redemption whose visual narration elegantly takes over from the literary narration of the script. The strong and endearing characters round off this dizzying dive into contemporary Brazil, where violence has become totally normalized and is a part of the daily lives of millions of people.