Quality in Digital Times - A Rolf Coulanges conference

par Philippe Ros La Lettre AFC n°263

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During the 2016 Micro Salon session dedicated to the CCTC (Committee for Creative Technologies in Cinematography) of Imago, Rolf Coulanges, BVK, delivered a ‘’concentrate’’ of the intervention he has made at the Oslo Digital Cinema Conference in Novembre 2015.

In this conference, I organized a panel entitled : ’’Creativity and control of the camera’’ in which all the main camera manufacturers had been invited. Arri, Sony, Panasonic & Canon were present, RED had sent one observer to the meeting,

Rolf’s intervention was the centerpiece of this panel. His main idea was to reconsider the way we perceive the image and how engineers use their skills to create it.
Very often they are guided by the research of a perfect image. 
But what does mean a perfect image ? And do we always want a perfect image ?

Therefore this is the complete version of Rolf’s intervention in Oslo.
I hope it will provide answers to many questions asked after the Micro Salon.
I wish you interesting reading !

Philippe Ros, AFC

Quality in Digital Times
By Rolf Coulanges, BVK