Sébastien Buchmann, a fellow traveller, an accomplice

By Céline Bozon, AFC

par Céline Bozon La Lettre AFC n°235

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Sébastien and I have repeatedly crossed paths over the last dozen or so years. We both relayed working on movies by young directors like Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Antoine Fumat, Sandrine Rinaldi, and Claire Doyon. Then finally we even shared work a few films where shooting was spread out over a couple of seasons, such as Horezon, by Pascal Bodet, or The Queen of Hearts, by Valérie Donzelli.

Sébastien has become more than just a colleague, he is a fellow traveller and an accomplice. I am delighted to see Sébastien join the AFC. This event has given me the opportunity to realise the fact that together we have woven our own private cinema ; filibuster films at the margins of institutionalised cinema that are often screened in the little pockets of radicalness such as the Festival of Locarno or the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes. I hope that we will pursue our work and share it with others.

(The photo above shows Sébastien Buchmann during filming of Je ne suis pas morte by Jean-Charles Fitoussi, in Italy in 2006)