Sébastien Buchmann, the creativity and attention to detail of a true craftsman

By Nathalie Durand, AFC

par Nathalie Durand La Lettre AFC n°235

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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity of working with Sébastien at the beginning of my career as a director of photography. It was a great luxury to have him as my assistant. Serious in his approach to the job but while always displaying a great sense of humour, he is always a pleasure to have on the team.

From Brittany to Corsica via the Jura, he is a great boon on set and possesses a precise approach to image crafting and the cinema in general. Today, he continues to grow within the profession while remaining open to all sorts of cinema, whether documentary, short or feature-length film.

To only name his latest projects, Declaration of War and Main dans la Main by Valérie Donzelli, or Bambi by Sébastien Lifschitz. He grew up with film and maintains the creativity and attention to detail of a true craftsman in his work. I admire his work, his artistic choices, and am happy that he is joining the AFC and proud to be his sponsor.

(The photo above shows Nathalie Durand and Sébastien Buchmann in a Jura vineyard during filming of La Dérive des continents by Vincent Martorana in 2004)