Thales Angénieux

by Philippe Parrain, CEO of Thales Angénieux

par Angénieux

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I am pleased to have presided over the destiny of Thales Angénieux for the past two and a half years. Although Angénieux is an internationally recognized brand in the world of cinema through our famous line of Optimo zooms, our company had not previously established any formal link with the AFC.
Yet it is to the AFC and its members, directors of photography, the early users of our products, that we must turn to propose lenses that continue to perfectly meet the technical and artistic requirements of this métier.

I met Remy Chevrin during the last Cannes Film Festival. Following our discussions, I proposed the candidacy of Thales Angénieux to the AFC. It is with great pleasure that I received a few weeks ago notification of the admission of our society as Associate Member of the AFC.
I want to warmly thank Remy Chevrin who supported us and all the members of the Board of Directors who approved our entry.

You can count on my commitment to facilitate the link between you and our optical designers. Specifically, I renew the proposal I made to Remy Chevrin to organize a visit to our company for the AFC, an opportunity for you to perhaps discover the stages of a cinema zoom from design to manufacture, and for an exchange between us so that our products continue to be "The best lenses to express what you have in mind ..."