The AFC at Camerimage 2015

The AFC will attend the 23rd annual Camerimage Festival (Bydgoszcz, Poland), from 14-21 November 2015, thanks to the presence of three films selected for the competition, to the attendance of five of its member-cinematographers, and to the publication of a daily newsletter recounting the main events of this important cinematography event.

The AFC DoPs will either be members of a jury (Jean-Marie Dreujou – who also has one of his films in competition), or will lead a master class moderated by Benjamin B, on the theme of the visuals from scenes of their films (Claire Mathon, Jean-Marie Dreujou (aformentioned), and Patrick Duroux), or simply as an ambassador of the AFC (Richard Andry), or in charge of sending out the daily newsletter (Jean-Noël Ferragut).

Repeated for the second year in a row, and composed on location with the editorial assistance of the summaries, this newsletter will announce and recount, along with the agendas and portfolios, the main events that take place during the festival and in which the attending AFC associate members will take part.

We’d like to mention that this “bydgoszcian newsletter” will be made possible by the support of twelve of the AFC’s associates : Aaton-Digital, Aja Video Systems, Arri, Be4Post, CW Sonderoptic - Leica, K 5600 Lighting, Panasonic, Panavision, RVZ, Sony, Thales Angénieux, and Transvideo.

Translated from French by Alex Raiffe.

Masterclass AFC Camerimage 2015
Masterclass AFC Camerimage 2015