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In the lastest news from ACS France in December, two features are released, The Emperor of Paris and Aquaman.

December 2018 releases

The Emperor of Paris, directed by Jean-François Richet, and shot by Manuel Dacosse, SBC, will be released on the 19th of December 2018. We thank the film crew for trusting us on this very beautiful project. Our teams provided two types of aerial camera systems in the Paris area.
First of all, an aerial cable track : we followed the walk of Vidocq, the charismatic adventurer, with a top shot. In driving rain, we used an aerial cable track of 90m length, with our Aercam and our gyrostabilized head Shotover G1 with an Alexa Mini and an 15-40mm Optimo lens. The lightweight of the Aercam and the Shotover G1 let us manage the entire installation in half a day (including anchorage points and lift trucks). This totally silent system had enough battery life to let us repeat the same movements many times. We were lucky to discover this incredible urban film set of the 19th century. It is always very impressive to work on these types of set. They make us ravel through time.
We also provided drone services with a DJI Inspire 2 and the Zenmuse X7. Its super35 sensor and its wide dynamic range make it a great tool to shoot in restricted urban area. It is the closest camera to a RED or Alexa Mini on a light drone. The Inspire 2 drone can be used in restricted built up area where an Alta drone does not comply with the legislation in force. The shots were done in Paris, place Vendôme, around the column to finish on a shot of the rue de la Paix. These images were used afterwards to add the arrival of a carriage and a digital background in post-production.

Mise en place de l’Aercam et de la Shotover G1 dans un décor d’époque

Le drone DJI Inspire2 avec la Zenmuse X7 Place Vendôme à Paris

Aquaman, directed by James Wan and shot by Don Burgess, will be released on the 19th of December 2018. We were very happy to work on a DC Comics project once again and we thank the film crew for their trust.
We worked with our Shotover K1 set on a helicopter in the desert of Erfoud in Morocco. Under the supervision of Eric Biglietto (director of aerial photography) we captured images of the sand dunes mixed in a sequence of a jump from a plane afterwards. We also took shots from the jumping character’s point of view and wide shots of the two heroes climbing a sand dune.
Three very different shots, produced in the same place, showing three separate points of view. This is what our Shotover K1 is able to do, with stunning stabilization performance.

La Shotover K1 placée sur un hélicoptère type Ecureuil

Les dunes du désert d’Erfoud

Point de vue du technicien opérateur de la Shotover K1

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