"The Irishman" Lenser on How the Mind of the Killer Influenced the Cinematography

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Rodrigo Prieto, who first visited Poland’s Camerimage fest in 2000 to take the top prize for Amores perros and later filmed Brokeback Mountain and The Wolf of Wall Street, says his cinematography in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman presented challenges that pushed him into new territory.

The crime thriller, adapted from Charles Brandt’s book “I Heard You Paint Houses,” follows decades of the story of union organizer Jimmy Hoffa and the mob. The project forged new tools and techniques to create the authentic look of ages passing as characters turbulent lives roll on.

Variery : This is your third major film with Martin Scorsese, following up on 2016’s Silence. Has the intimidation factor fully passed now ?

Rodrigo Prieto : That’s one thing about Scorsese – certainly with his body of work and his incredible talent as a director it can seem like it would be intimidating. But he is very charming. The day I met him he immediately put me at ease. He obviously has an encyclopedic knowledge of cinema but he doesn’t lay it out there.

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