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In the latest news from ACS France, two films in Competition at the Cannes film Festival. Presentation of both the Russian Arm VI - the most efficient and functional robotic arm on the market -, and the Mantis remote dolly system.

NAB Show Las Vegas 2018 :
For those who haven’t seen it yet, please watch our demo presented for the NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas. We thank Shotover for its presence by our side for this occasion.

Cannes film Festival 2018

ACS France is very proud to have taken part in the filming of
- Solo : A Star Wars Story, directed by Ron Howard and shot by Bradford Young
- Le Grand bain directed by Gilles Lellouche and shot by Laurent Tangy, AFC. Those two films were part of the Selection Officielle of the 71st Festival de Cannes.

Shotover K1 et Alexa 65 sur le tournage de "Solo : A Star Wars Story"

Shotover G1 avec un Cablecam® 3 axes sur le tournage du film "Le Grand bain’

Russian Arm VI

The Russian Arm VI is the most efficient and functional robotic arm on the market. Gyrostabilized on two axis (pan and tilt) the arm works with the 3 axis gyrostabilized gimbal Flight head V. This combination eliminates shaking and vibrations and allows the film crew to capture very dynamic sequences. The camera can be close to the subject, or far away, and always results in very fluent shots with a perfect horizon. It has a capability of 360°panning in 4.5 seconds, the arm length can be 7.6m max. and can move from -4.10m to +6.60m on the vertical axis. We had the opportunity to use it at sea placed on a boat in Dunkirk and the results are stunning. The Russian Arm VI can adapt to any situation and environment.
Always closer to your filming location, we operate equipment in several facilities located in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Lisbon and Budapest.


The Mantis is a remote dolly system. We placed our gyro-stabilized head Shotover G1 on the Mantis in order to exploit and operate all its possibilities. The Mantis can overcome the constraints of the traditional rail dolly track, it is all-terrain (3 types of wheels : all-terrain, studio and rail). Discreet and compact the Mantis and the Shotover G1 are controlled wirelessly, the absence of cables being a plus while filming. This really handy miniature tracking vehicle benefits from the high performance 3 axis gyro-stabilization of the G1 gimbal. This tool will quickly become a permanent fixture on all of your shoots.

Technical specifications :
- Battery life : 1h at max. speed, 4 to 5hs at low speed
- Max. speed : 32km/h
- 4wd all-terrain vehicle
- Interchangeable wheels
- Quiet electric motor system
- Optical lens axis height : 80cm

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