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In the latest news from Panasonic, a feedback on the Camerimage 2018 edition and the films shot on VariCam selected at the Festival ; understanding the Dual ISO technology ; and a warranty extension for EVA1.

Camerimage 2018

Four Movies shot on VariCam participated in the Camerimage festival this year :
- Crazy Rich Asians, DP Vanja Cernjul, ASC, HFC
- Nina, DP Tomasz Naumiuk, PSC – won an award for Best cinematography award in Polish Film section.
- Ash, DP Joewi Verhoeven
- Demon, DP Drew Dawson

Dual ISO

  • Understanding Dual ISO technology which is available for both : the EVA1 & Varicam

Warranty extension for EVA1
EVA1 has three years of standard warranty, however thanks to optional warranty extension, the end-user can purchase two years additionally, which guarantees Premium service and support.

EVA1 UK Case-study for Russian Poetry

EVA1 UK Case-study

Shot On VariCam Issue 4