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The V3.0 of the EVA1 is now available. It’s include a new generation of Codec : the HEVC (or h265) that allows 4K/50p 10bits internal recording. (Current codec can record 4K/50p 8bits only) As HDR requires 10bits recording, EVA1 v3.0 can be used for 4K/50p HDR productions. Moreover, it supports wired connection to RCP (from CyanView) or to our ROP app. This can open new market for EVA1 : muticam live shooting.

Shot in VariCam

Thanksgiving - Photo : Arte

- "Thanksgiving"
Mini spy TV Show of 3 x 52’ min- broadcast on February 28 on ARTE
Shot in Varicam 35
DP : Léo Hinstin, AFC
Director : Nicolas Saada
Produced by Capa
The Thanksgiving TV Show wins the Award for Best Film-Making and Best Music at the Luchon Festival

"Aïlo une odyssée en Laponie"

- Aïlo : A Lapland Odyssey
Animal tale story narrated by Aldebert
Shot in VariCam 35 and EVA1
Release in the theaters on March 13th.
DP : Dan Meyer
Director : Guillaume Maidatchevsky

"After life" - Photo : Netflix

- "After Life", Netflix series released on March 8th
New British series written and directed by Ricky Gervais
Shot in VariCam LTDP : Martin Hawkins

"Polar" - Photo : Netflix

- Polar , Netflix film shot in VariCam Pure with Mads Mikkelsen.
DP : M Eckberg
Director : Jonas Åkerlund.