The Texture and the 4K/UHD Workflow - How to control the Sharpness

By Philippe Ros, AFC

par Philippe Ros La Lettre AFC n°291

[English] [français]

The Imago Technology Committee (ITC) is happy to give cinematographers, camera assistants, colorists, post-production supervisors and DIT’s a presentation on the topic of texture in the 4K/UHD workflow.

One of the goal of many techniciens/artists during the different steps required to create an image is to deliver a specific look. The texture is an important part of the process in which the sharpness control is of crucial interest specially on skin tones.
Initiated by Philippe Ros, AFC, co-chairman of the Imago Technology Committee (ITC), this presentation analysed the different parameters and some of the most important ways to change and control – if possible - the sharpness level. Important conclusions are given in this presentation, some of them come from the survey launched some months ago by the ITC, expressed as requests to manufacturers.
The Committee would be very interested if you would, after reading, fill this survey if you haven’t already done.

The presentation can be viewed in two versions : a Powerpoint presentation (Powerpoint for Mac 2011 - Version 14.7.7) that includes animations, to be downloaded - and, if you don’t have an Office licence, a PDF version that you can view here, without animations.

PPSX ITC 4K Texture full diaporama 2018 V15 English

PDF ITC 4K Texture full presentation 2018 V15 English